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Our selection of stainless steel pumps with different colours are available to buy as an individual item.  All pumps fit all milly&sissy Refill & Reuse bottles.

How to clean your pump

  • remove the pump from the bottle
  • pump out any remaining soap from the pump.  You may want to remove the plastic tube for a more thorough cleaning
  • fill a bowl with warm water then pump the water through until it flows freely and clear
  • use a paper cotton bud or toothpick to dislodge any pieces stuck in the pump
  • clean any soap from the outer surface with a damp soft cloth.  Pat dry

Please do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners to clean your pump

It is recommended that you clean your dispenser monthly (typically with each refill) to remove soap build-up.  Soap pumps need to be cleaned periodically simply due to the nature of the product.  Like with any non-disposable item, cleaning and care are necessary to prolong the life of them.