Soft & Gentle hair & body wash refill 40g

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Soft & Gentle hair and body wash is fragrance free and has been designed for those looking for a very gentle product to use on sensitive skin and is suitable for use with babies.

As with the entire milly&sissy range, this Soft & Gentle, fragrance free hand wash is vegan, cruelty free, hypoallergenic so great for those with sensitive skin including babies of the family, and leaves you with zero waste as the sachet is compostable.

If you want to make a change to a more sustainable lifestyle by cutting down on plastic or if you want something gentle but effective on your skin, then this is for you.

Easy to make up in 3 simple steps:

  • add 400ml of tap water into a jug, pour in sachet contents & gently mix then pour into the bottle
  • give it a good shake and leave it overnight for all the ingredients to make friends
  • shake again in the morning & you're ready to go

You can remove the label & put into the recycling then home compost the sachet.  if you don't home compost, put the sachet with the general waste to decompose over time.

The product will continue to thicken over the first couple of days.


please note that all sets along with any additional items ordered will be packaged & delivered in the same box.  This is to reduce the amount of packaging used and therefore impact on the environment .  If any items are a gift & you would like them packaged separately, please make a note in the comments box at check-out.
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