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Why buy from us?

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All our products are made from 99.7% natural ingredients.  The base our formulations are olive oil, from Provence in France, coconut oil and argile from France.

Our synthetic fragrance represents only 0.2% of the entire product with 50% of that being biodegradable and allows us to keep our formulations allergen free.

Our formulations are free from SLS (sodium laurel sulphate, the ingredient used to create the froth & also cause skin irritations), parabens (preservatives which can cause skin irritations and more sinister problems), allergens and palm oil free. They are also allergen free so suitable for those with sensitive skin.

How to make up our products

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Our beautiful gift boxes

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Milly and Sissy

Our Ethos

We're all about doing our bit for the planet. The number of products we use on a daily basis creating millions tons of plastic waste each year which is an unsustainable burden on our planet.

Our aim is simply to try to reduce our negative impact on our environment; to help us all do just that little bit more in the struggle to consume less, waste less and pollute less.  We believe that every single person can make a difference in fact, it’s only through every single one of us doing our bit that a difference will be made.

Superb ethical luxury

I bought as a Mother's Day present and am delighted with it. Beautiful presentation. Love the ethos of low waste, cruelty free and eco friendly. Products smell and feel like luxury.

E Hargrave

Perfect Product

Absolutely love this product. Super simple to make and smells amazing! It's also the perfect gift for any occasion!

Georgie - Boots review panel

Gorgeous glass bottle!

Just received mine ! looks and smells amazing , the glass bottle is a really great size 
and so handy having the refill packets .


I'm a convert!

Not only is this product simply epic (smells and feels so fab and looks great on the side in my kitchen) it's idea is genius! 

Stop waste, stop transporting water and everything is either reusable or compostable - I'm a convert!


We all have a favourite

My son prefers the passion fruit fragrance but I prefer the Shea Tree.  We added a bit too much water fo the first bottle but now we've got it just right on this second bottle - it's lovely & creamy & feels really luxurious.

Sarah W

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sachets compostable

Our sachets are made from paper and a vegetable-based liner which keeps the powder try.  They are certified as biodegradable and compostable.

Can I compost my sachet at home?

Yes, the sachets can be put into your home compost bin but remember to remove the labels first as these need to go into the recycle bin.

How long will my sachet take to compost?

The length of time for the sachets to break down depends on the environment.  In industrial composers the temperature is higher, meaning the process is quicker.  In your home composer, the temperature is likely to be lower, taking longer for the process.  It can take anywhere from 45 days to 6 months to decompose.

Why shouldn't I fill my bottle all the way to the top?

In order to accommodate the pump and room for the product to mix, we leave room at the top so the product doesn't spill over when you put the pump in.  We recommend using 400ml of water for a thicker, more creamy texture.

Why can't I use my product immediately after mixing with water?

Because there are several different ingredients in the sachet, they all need time to react with the water and with each other before using.  You will see the product thickens during the waiting period and all the ingredients have time to meld together.

How long will my shower crème last? 

Each sachet contains 40g of powder, which will make up 500ml of shower crème.  Depending on how liberal you are with your shower crème and how many people are in your family will depend on how long it lasts but on average should last a single person at least 1 month.

What are the bottles made of?

Our bottles are made from 45% recycled glass in UK.

How many times can I reuse my bottle?

Your bottle should last you a very long time.  There is no limit to how many times you can refill your bottle.  Just rinse it out and give it a gentle clean after ever bottle-full has been used and you're ready to go again.

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