Candied Tangerine & Zesty Lime, hair & body wash SET

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For the ultimate gift for you or a friend, combining beautiful aesthetics, sustainability and functionality, this set offers the lot!  This fabulous hair & body wash is effective enough to clean your hair and gentle enough for your body, reducing the number of bottles in your bathroom.

The set includes 2 hair & body wash refill pouches (each makes 500ml of product), in Zesty Lime & Candied Tangerine, a British-made amber bottle, made from recycled glass with a bronzed metal pump for durability.

These 2 fabulous fragrances will leave your hair squeaky clean and free from build up and your body feeling soft and moisturised and reduce the number of bottles needed in your bathroom!  These are a firm favourite with our team and recommended for everyone to try!

Free from palm oil, parabens, SLS & allergens
Suitable for vegans and perfect for those with sensitive skin.