Travel Trio

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If you're thinking about going away this year, you'll need this travel trio to take with you.  This fabulous travel set is sized perfectly to fit with all travel needs - no liquid to transport just water-free refills to make up when you arrive at your destination.

The set includes 3 robust aluminium bottles which will last a lifetime, 1 shampoo refill, 1 hand wash refill & 1 body wash refill.

It could also make a great gift or be the perfect opportunity to try our products!

Easy to make up

  1. Use a spoon to empty out all powder from sachet into a jug
  2. Add 40ml warm water & stir
  3. Pour into the bottle, add lid & shake.  Leave it overnight
  4. The next morning, shake again & you're ready to go

All milly&sissy products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben & SLS free so good for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic & pH balanced so good for your skin, 99% natural ingredients and don't contain water so have a significantly reduced transport carbon emission.