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Hand Wash TRIO + British Made Glass Bottle with bronzed pump

Gift Pack Shower Crème Trio

ZERO WASTE Shower Creme Starter pack

Zero Waste Shampoo normal/greasy Hair Refill

248091 £7.50
Zero Waste Shampoo fine/dry Refill

248107 £7.50
Zero Waste Fresh Apple Hand Wash Refill

248077 £5.50
Zero Waste Sweet Cherry Hand Wash Refill

248077 £5.50
Zero Waste Honey and Almond Hand Wash Refill

248060 £5.50
ZERO WASTE Shower crème Shea Tree Refill

248046 £5.50
ZERO WASTE Shower crème Passion Fruit Refill

248022 £5.50
ZERO WASTE Shower Crème Cherry Blossom Refill

248039 £5.50